Welcome to Mombasa's State of the Art Dental Clinic providing the very best dental care in Nyali.

We would like to wish all our patients Happy Holidays, and to those celebrating, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Practice shall remain Closed from Wednesday the 22nd December 2021 till 9am on Monday the 17th January. 

Covid-19 Update: We’re OPEN! Please note that our Dentist, Nurse and Reception staff have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Recent safetly upgrades have also been installed, including UV-C disinfection in our Air Conditioning system (helping to stop the spread of airborne microorganisms). Furthermore we disinfect the entire surgery after each and every patient. We are looking forward to seeing you back again.

We understand that Oral health and Smiles play an essential role in our well being and lifestyles. That is why we will work hard to provide you and other patients with the very best dental care in Nyali.

White fillings, root canal treatment, dental crowns to extractions, and much more, we have you covered at our modern practice with our UK trained Dentist in Nyali – Mombasa.

Missing Teeth?

Why don’t you come and have a chat with our dentist to find the right solution for you! 

Implants? Dentures? Bridges?

Our Dentist in Mombasa, Nyali will work with you to find the correct solution to your needs.

Important factors considered during such a consultation include Comfort, Chewing capacity, Esthetics, Retention, Price, Prognosis and much more. 

This is done in a very structured way, taking your needs into account through out.

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