Dental Hygiene: Classic Scale & Polish

The main aim of dental hygiene treatment is to promote, achieve and maintain good oral health. The Dentist will remove any calculus or plaque from hard to reach areas that may have built up over time. This is a key function that prevents and treats gum disease and bad breath.

If you or your child is currently undergoing Orthodontic treatment(Braces), or have Dental Implant, Bridges or Dentures this treatment will be specifically tailored to assist you.

Approximated 30 Minutes,

1-2 Appointments May be required

Benefits include:

  1. Reduced risk of losing your teeth
  2. Reduced risk of developing tooth decay and hence fillings
  3. Freshens your breath

Dental Hygiene Classic Scale & Polish: What to Expect at your visit

  1. Risk factors will be emphasized and your teeth and gums assessed to determine the amount of plaque removal needed.
  2. Scale and Polishing is a process whereby your teeth are professionally cleaned with specialist equipment and pastes.
  3. The Dentists main role is to show you how to effectively clean your teeth and gums, advice will be given on the best use of interdental brushes, floss, and best tooth brushing method (Click Here to watch Video on Youtube).

A recommended recall interval will be given depending on your dental needs to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

  1. For patients with Periodontal disease, a local anesthetic injection may be given to make it a more comfortable visit as it can be unpleasant when deep cleaning below the gum.

(Please note if severe staining due to for example Mavo (Prolonged Tobacco Use etc) this may carry an extra charge, and usually, this is followed by a course of Teeth Whitening to achieve amazingly clean and white teeth. (Don’t worry this will all be discussed before you start treatment) Click Here to Contact Us and Book an Appointment.