New Patient Journey; Your First Visit

  1. Get in touch (Click Here) or walk-in for the next available appointment.
  2. Welcome & Relax; On arrival at the Nyali Cinemax building (ample free parking available), please check-in at the front desk (Temperature checks and Hand Sanitiser will be provided). A member of our team will greet you with a smile and direct you to our waiting lounge. Here you will be required to fill in a medical history form and COVID-19 questionnaire at this visit(this is mandatory, don’t worry we are always here to help) or you can print and fill it off at home before you come(Click Here to Download Medical History Form).
  3. Talk to your dentist; the essential part of our job is to listen to you, tell us why you’re here and any problems we can help you with, whether it is about teeth whitening, toothache, gum problems and so on.
  4. Gather information; after examination of your teeth, gums, and screening for oral cancer. Further investigations may be requested such as X-rays to gather more information.
  5. Explain our findings and discuss a range of options to improve your smile and health


At Tooth Doctor Nyali, We take pride in being a practice for the entire family. We encourage you to register your child from birth and bring them as soon as their first tooth appears. This allows them to get used to visiting the dentist. Early education on tooth care, brushing and the use of fluoride varnishes twice a year (from age two onwards). Reinforcing good habits from a young age means your child is more likely to have healthy teeth in adulthood. We love children and would like to make their first journey as smooth as possible.