Practice Tour

Our Practice tour begins with our dedicated Reception Area, our staff can answer most queries and if unable to do so they are happy to take a message to pass on to the dentist. 

You will then be asked to relax in our Waiting Lounge, fill out any paper work and wait to be seen by our Dentist.(New Patient Journey Click Here)

Our surgery has the Adec Chair with soft ultraleather; one of the most comfortable dental chairs available today. Many patients have commented on how comfortable and relaxed they have felt while having treatment completed.

Digital radiography

Digital radiography is used to provide sharp and accurate images. Digital films have been shown to reduce  X -ray radiation exposure by as much as  70% compared to conventional x-ray films. The images are converted  instantly to our computers so that both dentist and patient can view their results on screen .

Disinfection and Decontamination

All instruments are disinfected and sterilised to the very highest standards using the very latest guidelines and technology available today. The surgeries are cleaned and disinfected between each and every patient and we have a separate Decontamination suite for thorough disinfection procedures, This is on-site away from patients access, and of-course includes an Automatic Autoclave. 

We also have a separate machine area for compressor and suction machines along with a separate locked stocked room and locked fridge.

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"A Brilliant, Lively Place to create Beautiful Smiles."